4 Piece DIY Bundle

  • $ 31.00

DIY prints can be applied using a regular household iron or a heat press. We include a step by step application instruction card for reference. Please read all instructions before ironing/pressing for optimal application and longevity. 
**Prints with backgrounds can be applied to any color or white garment. Prints with no background are for white garments only.**
-Design name/number can be found in the design section
-Name/monogram should be typed exactly as it will appear on the garment. Monograms are placed in fLm (first, LAST, middle) orders and should be entered this way.
-Include what size shirt/garment that you will be applying the design 
-If you would like any changes (Ex: 1. a background added for use on a colored garment 2. Background or name box color change 3. Font change) please request that in the "Changes" section.